Special Issue Proposal

1. Journal Name (In which journal that you want to publish a Special Issue): American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
2. Special Issue Title: Growing GeoGebra Environment and Use
3. Lead Guest Editor (Including full name, email address, affiliation information): Pellumb Kllogjeri, Lecturer in University “Aleksander Xhuvani”, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Elbasan, Albania

Email: pkallogjeri@gmail.com

5. Submission Due Date: 30.01.2015
6. Expected Date of Publication: 30.04.2015


The authors of the best papers of the special issue will be invited to submit an extended and enhanced version of their paper for possible journal publication or project presentation after additional peer review.

Submission Procedure:

Manuscripts are invited in MS Word format and to be submitted via Online Submission System http://www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/journal/guideforauthors.aspx?journalid=137

Topics of interest (Other suggestions are welcomed)

  • Dynamic Demonstrations in the Math Classroom for Applied Sciences Using Dynamic Geometry as a Robotics Interface
  • Geometric Algebra – A foundation for the combination of Dynamic Geometry Systems with Computer Algebra Systems.
  • From real world to derivative – How to effectively include mathematical modelling and GeoGebra in mathematics education and science
  • Levels of reasoning with coherences between dynamically linked representations of functions
  • GeoGebra dynamic models for arithmetic operations
  • GeoGebra limitations


The final revised paper needs to be sent to Lead Guest Editor Pellumb Kllogjeri, pkallogjeri@gmail.com

Website: http://www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/specialissue/137005

Invitation to Publish

Scientific & Academic Publishing
Special Issue – Call for Papers
Journal: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
Unifying Contributions to Economic and Social Theories on Sustainability
Submission deadline: January 20, 2015
Topics of primary interest include, but are not limited to:

• • Case study on the current economic theories on sustainability issues, their benefits, limitations and new proposals
• • Management of across generation stocks: economic and financial stocks, human stocks, environmental stocks, social stocks
• • Use of economic and statistical methods of analysis in panel data research (Econometric Methodology: Sequential Panel Selection Method and Panel KSS test, Testing for multiple structural breaks, analysis in relation to certain economic sectors and regional economies, factor analysis, etc.)
• • Time-series and cross-section studies, testing stationarity on individual time series
• • Panel data models to construct and test more complicated behavioral models
• • Impact and effects of panel data on the country or regional economy
• • Modern approaches to measuring wellbeing
• • Mathematical Models for Wellbeing, Domestic Output and Current Account sustainability
• • Method discussing the use of Pesaran’s panel unit root test for testing the current account sustainability and Kapetanios’s method, the standard augmented Dickey–Fuller (ADF) regressions, Nonlinear panel test and Serial Correlated Errors

• • Results presenting the tabulated outcomes and critical values and the tests investigated by Monte Carlo experiments/simulations.

Important Dates
Deadline for submission: January 20, 2015
Deadline for revision: February 28, 2015
Notification of final decision: March 10, 2015

Abstracts addressing one or more of these themes/topics, the paper and further questions should be emailed to the editor by January 20, 2015 at pkallogjeri@gmail.com
Manuscript submissions are invited by the submission deadline. All papers will undergo a double or triple-blind peer review process.